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Scott Before

Scott After

Scott has lost over 175lbs with no surgery!!

"This weight loss hasn't given me my life back, it's given me life for what seems like the first time!"

"Spring Medical Clinic gave me the tools I never had on my own and because of them I am doing things I never thought I would do again. I can now walk up to 4 miles regularly when before I would try to get out of walking or standing whenever possible. My life is now going to be longer and way more fulfilling and I thank them everyday."

Sarah Before

Sarah After

Sarah lost 52lbs!

"Thanks to Spring Medical Clinic, I have my life back! I'm proud and happy with my weight loss!"
Sarah, Sacramento

Joe Before

Joe 65½lbs Lighter

Joe lost 65½lbs and 9 BMI in 6 months!

"My weight just kept creeping up on me until I was unhealthy. Thanks to Spring Medical I'm out running again with our dog, and I know I'm on the road to a healthier me, and feel great!"

"There are no miracles and it takes some work but with Roger Bickford's help I lost 40 pounds in 2 months. Roger has over 14 years experience in medicine as a Physicians Assistant and his knowledgeable approach made me feel comfortable." (posted on Yahoo!)

Note from PA Bickford about Joe's weight loss: "Joe came in to see me at his wife's urging. As a Medical Assistant, Joanne knew Joe's weight was affecting his health. At his first visit, Joe got on our body composition scale, and found out he was at risk for numerous diseases that are associated with weight gain. Joe tackled his weight loss with determination. He is doing everything right. He runs with his dog daily, he eats high protein foods and vegetables and stayed away from the simple carbs that caused his weight gain. His reward? Not only has he lost 65½ pounds in 6 months, but his blood pressure, blood sugar and high triglycerides have all normalized. Joe is a much healthier man because of his weight loss, which makes Joe, Joanne and the rest of their family very happy!"

Joe's private medical information has been released at his request, and with his permission.

Liz Before

Liz 44lbs Lighter

Liz has lost 44lbs!

I would highly recommend Spring Medical Clinic to anyone who is needing to lose weight. Over the years I have tried other places but have not found success like I have here. The office is professional yet friendly and Roger Bickford, PA is a knowledgeable and caring professional who took his time with me to explain the program (which is very sensible) and answer all my questions. I've lost nearly 20 pounds in a little over a month and feel fantastic! They not only do weight loss but other services as well if you're going on an international trip and need shots. I'm also getting my flu shot there next week! I'm a happier person too!

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Joanne Before

Joanne After 3½ Months

Joanne lost 31lbs & 4½ BMI in 3½ months!

Spring Medical Clinic for weight loss has proven to be exactly what I needed to help me finally get the pounds off and my health back. I have lost 24 pounds in the first six weeks and it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be! PA Roger Bickford really knows his field and really cares about your success and your health. He will teach you what you need to know and give you the assistance you need to finally get the weight off. I love the program because I don't feel hungry and I eat five times a day and have the energy to do more walking. I had always struggled and thought I just didn't have what it takes, but now I know when you have the right tools and knowledge, you can do it! The incredible BMI machine that the clinic has is so helpful because you know exactly where the fat is and where you lose the fat and you know that it is indeed fat you are losing and not muscle. You learn all your health risk factors and you can start to watch them go down as you take off the weight. I highly recommend Spring Medical Clinic for weight loss!

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Terry Before

Terry After

Terry lost 29lbs in 2 months!

Spring Medical Clinic already has me down two pants sizes after only 3 weeks. PA Bickford is a very informative practitioner teaching me more with each visit. The clinic is a very comfortable setting with great people. The amazing information that scale gave me about my body on the first visit was wonderful. If you are looking for managed weight loss in the Sacramento area, I couldn't think of going anywhere else. Thanks Spring Medical.

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For a long time I've tried others again and again and have become discouraged. Spring has, by far, been the best experience. Plus the program has worked really well for me and I'm almost 50! They are very informative all around, and really know their business. My first visit was with Roger Bickford, PA who took his time with me and has a very kind and clear way to explain everything. I had nutrition & exercise counseling, a very detailed scale reading which gave my BMI and more information about my body and weight that I didn't know but should have a long time ago, a light physical, and medication information. The staff is very professional, the office is clean and comfortable and they are always available to answer any question you might have. I've lost almost 20 pounds in a little over a month and feel I'm doing it sensibly and am being well supervised by Spring.

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Physician Assistant Roger Bickford has opened a beautiful clinic here in West Sacramento! Most importantly his is a thorough, caring and informative medical professional, careful to treat the whole person. I learned a lot while in his care, and look and feel better about myself. The weight loss happening for my husband is probably saving his life! I recommend his practice wholeheartedly.

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Walking into Spring Medical Clinic is like no other medical clinic you have ever walked into before! You feel right at home when you walk in. Laura and PA Bickford have made me feel like family since I have become one of their patients. When starting the program, PA Bickford took the time to explain in detail my body composition exam and goals for my height/age. Since starting the program I have shed pounds and have energy that I have never had before! From week to week, I have the support of PA Bickford to help me reach my goals of losing weight and living a healtheir lifestyle. He takes the time to answer any and all questions - believe me, I've asked about 100! I have tried numerous diets and unfortunately have failed to stay on them. With the help of Spring Medical Clinic, I am on my way to not only losing weight but developing a healthier lifestyle! Try it. What do you got to lose?? ONLY WEIGHT!!!

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This is only 1 of 2 places in Sacramento that you can get a complete and accurate body composition test like the one Spring Medical Clinic offers (and it's actually affordable at this clinic!) I received a test from PA Bickford and was amazed at what it told me. In just 30 seconds, I was able to find out various facts about my body and the areas that I could improve upon. Not only was the test helpful, but PA Bickford took his time to explain to me the results of the test and any potential health risks I might encounter. He is SUPER knowledgable about practicing medicine - he answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable and right at home. I definitely recommend Spring Medical Clinic to people of all shapes and sizes - it's a place for anyone wanting to become healthier and happier!

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