New Weight Loss Patients...

LOW ECONOMY BUSTER PRICES!. Get a FREE 5-page body composition profile with a paid New Weight Loss Patient consult at Spring Medical Clinic.

Details on our program:

Some new patients may not receive weight loss medication treatment if not well enough for treatment. And, some patients may want a professional medical weight loss consultation and elect to not go on prescription medication after their paid consult - we are happy to evaluate all New Weight Loss Patients to discuss their treatment options in consultation. Not all of our patients here at Spring are on weight loss medication, but all DO get a professional consultation with our health care providers to consider each patients medical situation and to offer appropriate advice per patient. For that reason, all patient/provider office visits will be charged a $40 minimum office visit fee, whether the patient is given weight loss medication or not. It's the professional care and consultation we have for you 6 days a week, not "just the medicine."